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 We're open every day 8:00am - 9pm 

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Your bar in Sanur. Be happier every day 4pm onward

Serving You with the Flavours of Happiness

It was a challenging beginning. We made the decision to open Over the Moon in the midst of the pandemic in 2020. We faced many difficulties along the way, but in the end, it was worth it. Our team, friends, and the Sanur Community provided us with incredible support. Not only did we manage to keep our business afloat, but together, we also distributed over 15,000 free meals to those severely impacted by the crisis. We are immensely grateful to all of you and the kind-hearted individuals who made this possible.


As one of the most popular cafes in Sanur, we are now experiencing significant growth. We are continuously improving our menu, expanding our team, and providing training for our staff at a rapid pace. Our goal is to bring more smiles and become your best cafe in Sanur, or better, your second home!

Happy Hour in Sanur

Thanks for your message! if you're in a hurry, you may contact us on Whatsapp: +62-822-2551-1012

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