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55K/glass Happy Hour and more!

Your Bar in Sanur

While it might be uncommon for a cafe to offer a full-fledged cocktail bar experience, Over the Moon Cafe actually believes that delicious passionately-made drinks can greatly enhance your day. So, why not!

happy hour in Sanur

Premium Cocktails Happy Hour

Our mixologists wholeheartedly craft cocktails concocted from premium branded shots and a variety of locally sourced fruits, herbs, and spices. These beverages are available all day for you to enjoy. For heavily discounted prices, we recommend visiting at 4 pm or later! It's undoubtedly the best Happy Hour in Sanur.

7th Heaven

When you're in Bali, trying the island's traditional drink, Arak Bali, would be an exciting experience. However, it's not always easy to find a good one. The bar team at Over the Moon carefully sources our Arak from the most trusted Arak distilleries in East Bali, that have been in the business for generations. We proficiently mix the local spirit with high-quality ingredients to serve you delicious Arak cocktails known as '7th Heaven'

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